Waware Systems - ScreenMovieMaker Instructions


Basic Instructions

NOTE: Waware ScreenMovieMaker runs on Windows 2000, XP, Server2003, Vista, Server 2008, and Windows 7.

1. Run WD_Creator and...
  - Read and Agree to (Click OK) the license agreement
  - Pick a window to crop the recording (or "Entire Windows Desktop")
  - Click 'Record' to start recording and...
    - - Do the things you want in the Movie (such as running a program and showing how it works)
  - When finished with everything you want to record, press the F12 keyboard key to stop recording
  - Click "Produce" and wait while the Creator turns the recording into a Movie

2. Run WD_MoviePlayer to show the movie:
  - Read and Agree to (Click OK) the license agreement
  - Click anywhere on the green Splash Screen to play the Movie
  - Watch the movie play!
    - - Press the SPACEBAR on the keyboard to pause / resume the Movie
    - - Press the HOME key on the keyboard to restart the Movie from the beginning
    - - Other helpful keys are described on the green Splash Screen
  - At any time, press the ESC keyboard key to exit the Movie Player

Additional Things to Know...

1. Every time WD_Creator makes a recording, it creates (or overwrites) 2 files:
      - "WD_CropRectangle.txt" and "WD_RawScreenRecording.BRS"
2. Every time WD_Creator produces a movie or demo, it creates (or overwrites) 1 file:
      - "WD_ScreenMovie.WDM"
3. To work with multiple recordings, create a folder for each and copy WD_Creator and WD_MoviePlayer into it

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